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S5E9P4 Baseball Mascots and the Future of Automation, “Fishing Lures”

September 8, 2019

Automated baseball mascot. Word of the day! "Fishing Lures"! OK this was a weird one.


Are you sick and tired of buying insurance to cover the risk of harming the human that you stuff into an unventilated poly-foam synthetic suit and pay to dance for children and give fake high fives to umpires? Well, thanks to the great minds at screwball technologies, your ballclub can keep the light entertainment flowing between innings without endangering a helpless, dehydrated teenager.  Hi, I'm Rover, the worlds first fully automated baseball mascot and the newest addition to your local ballpark. I like to dance for children and make a goofy face. I like to play tricks on umpires. I like to run the bases and fall over and over and over again until your cheering fans get off their seat and on to their feet to support the local sluggers. Go Sluggers! Let's play ball Sluggers!